Piano Lessons
Individual piano lessons are offered for students of all ages and levels.  
There are a variety of special events which take place throughout the year to provide students with performing opportunities.  The students often enjoy sharing their music with each other. This also provides families and friends with the opportunity to share in the student's accomplishments.  The concerts are intended to be fun and encouraging and are always optional.
Beginning students learn the basics regarding piano technique, ear training and music reading.  There are specific and age appropriate books that achieve these goals.  Students who are more advanced are free to explore whatever type of music interests them.  Some students enjoy popular music or Broadway music and others enjoy classical or jazz.  For those who are interested, the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto provides graded piano repertoire and exams which take place in Victoria in January, April, June and August of each year.  There is also the Victoria Performing Arts festival each year in March/April for anyone who would like to participate.
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